9 till 12

The result of white printable paper - 
the world's largest china clay quarry in Devon, 300 feet deep 100 acres wide. 

A couple of fellow students from Kingston university curated a 
photography exhibition at East Gallery showcasing 65 student's 
work all graduating in 2012. My areal view photo of the world's 
largest china clay quarry in Devon was exhibited from 
April 19th-20th. 

Pick Me Up

Pick Me Up

Once again I was seduced by the lure of paper 
craft and enjoyed the works of Lucie Thomas 
and Thibault Zimmerman as well as no brow's 
original display units and like every year enjoyed 
the branding and signage of the show (possibly 
more than the show itself!)

Sadly the science museum beat me to it as I have wanted to and
been thinking of completing a self initiated project revealing the
genius inventors behind the mundane objects we use everyday
and take advantage of not stopping to appreciate their incredible
designs. The format of display in these boxes was also very
interesting and may com in handy for our London degree show

Including the best translation of an exhibition onto web I have
ever seen!

Power of Making at the V&A

Highlights of the power of making exhibition at the V&A
One of the most memorable exhibits included an incredibly life 
like 'baby cake' and sculptured coffin from Ghana.


So looks like I've got a lot of stuff to catch up on blog post wise, but I'll start where I left off - with our end of second year show at the Victorian Vaults in Old street 17th June.

Royal Wedding

8 boys and wanting a girl

The title for the show 'exhibitionists' celebrates the fact that the notion of an exhibition is to show off so why not embrace it. As a year group we picked our best work from the year to exhibit. In my case this was an eery installation commenting on the royal wedding and a typographic piece named '8 boys and wanting a girl' In the pictures above you can see the dark mysterious alcove really heightens the installation's experience.

To see the work in more detail: www.elainebentley.co.uk

Royal Wedding
The intense hype following the royal wedding led most of the world to stalk the happy couple in some way. On this occasion it was uniquely acceptable to display such erratic stalker-esk behaviour. This blurred the lines between the 10,000 mentally unstable royal stalkers, who continuously hunt and write to the royal family, and us the general public. Welcome to Matha Wilson’s home - a royal stalker obsessed with Prince William. She is plotting to kill Kate Middleton believing the Prince really loves her and is destined to marry her.

'8 boys and wanting a girl'
Inspired by the documentary '8 boys and wanting a girl' we found countless women on numerous online forums all discussing their conflicting feelings about the gender of their next child; and their infatuation with continually trying for a girl after having all boys. Each woman had strong conflicting emotions; ranging from putting on a brave face accepting not ever being able to have a girl to a shocking outpouring of their frustration and grief expressing the fulfilment of their deep desire.

New York

Finally - some well over due New York snaps. In March a hundred odd of us from Graphic Design and illustration from Kingston uni went for a week visiting alot of great design studios (including pentagram!) and squeezed in some sight seeing too.