First Year

One of the most enjoyable projects I've ever done was the forming the 8 Second Band to raise money and awareness in the public domain for World Aids Day. All around central London we would play and march for 8 seconds then abruptly stop for 8 seconds as a clear demonstration of the length of time that it takes for somebody to be infected by the HIV virus.  On World Aids Day we raised £1004.34 for the Terrence Higgins Trust and created a short film too. 

I also enjoyed this bookbinding project indulging in one of my favorite mediums paper folding! 
This 3D book reads “There is a trap door between the lines where I always fall down so I never know where I am." to express the discomfort some people experience when reading.  With no beginning, middle or end the viewer is forced to find the pages themselves they may struggle to read the message and experience how difficult reading can be for others. In collaboration with: Ed Rivers, Tamara Elmallah, Rachel Baker, Clara Goodger, Benji Roebuck, Maddy Whitty and Alice Young.

Throughout the year we were encouraged to catch the collectors bug and as a result I created an archive of things I found on the floor and scientifically categorised them documenting the exact time, date and place they were discovered. This screen print simplifies the objects information into a clear study of its tone and shape. Displaying my collection in this way transforms these forgotten items into unique specimens that require further inspection. The labelling system references each objects tonal value and information.

Each labelled bar depicts the percentage of the items original colour scheme:

My collection inspired me to take action in regards to the amount litter I had archived. As a result I created found posters for each item with my contact details asking the rightful owner to collect their item. This attracted people’s attention triggering their memories to what and when they had dropped the forgotten litter.

My first Typography project was titled Typographic terminologies; I created a guide that communicates 8 typographic terms aimed at illustrator students. I have adopted the visual language of a fashion magazine to break the stereotype that typography carries. 

My final project of the year was all about the excess of information conveyed to us in unnecessary signage and health and safety regulations that everyday attempt to govern our behaviour.  Three short health and safety instructional videos direct the viewer how to carry out mundane everyday activities which do not normally require instruction. The overwhelming amount of existing regulations and precautions suggest that maybe we are not far from this exaggerated future becoming reality.

Choosing sponsorship over sport This film challenges the sponsors and advertisers dominating role in London’s 2012 Olympics. We are visually bombarded with adverts in the background of all TV coverage and in our video you are also verbally assaulted with the sponsor’s slogans and tag lines which have been laced into the commentary. In collaboration with: Hannah Parker and Josh King

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