With Graham Fink at the houses of Parliament!

Back in December last year I had the opportunity to go along to one of Graham Fink's 'Finktank' free advertising workshops 'theartschool' hosted in the controversial but exciting location of the houses of parliment. During the workshop Graham Fink gave a short talk and over view of MC Saatchi's work giving us some snippets of advice and encouraging words including "if you have a gift for communication, pen and paper you can change the way people think" "only use what is absolutely essential" and "advertising is advocacy" All this wasn't before he made us all hmm and then sing a perfect middle C with the help of a indian drome box, something I certainly never thought we would do in the houses of parliament. We also had a quick tour and talk from ex-M&C account man Damian Collins before being set the task of a 'silent debate' for or against tuition fees. The room was split in half and consequently my small group was given the task of producing ideas and work FOR tuition fees in only 25 minuets. When the time was up Graham looked at all our work and encouraged us to send him more ideas in January with the intension of creating a book from them and sending copies to Ed Miliband. After some amusing stories from new creatives explaining how they secured their jobs at M&C Satatchi Graham Fink left us with the words; "you are all compete individuals use this, its a shame if you don't. You all have a fantastic opportunity. Nothing is impossible."

Me and my friend Rosie Ferris (from Kingston too) worked on our proposed idea FOR tuition fees and have sent in our work, looking forward to the book being published.

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